Tuesday, September 21, 2010

The People's Republic of Gino Reda

I went on a little trip this summer to help run a Conversational-English Immersion Camp. But not everyone knows that a certain someone also went travelling to far off parts with me. Who would have thought that he was so photogenic while not on "That's Hockey"?

Ladies and Gentleman: Gino Reda.

Outside of the hotel in Beijing, Gino stands guard.

Where is he? Yep, paying respects at the Altar of Heaven

Not content to be inactive in the offseason, Gino decides to climb the Great Wall. In record time. Thus begins the legend of Gino Reda amongst the locals.

My roommate in the camp had a pet turtle that roamed the floor day and night. Gino was not shaken.

Enjoying the hospitality and lodgings of the Grasslands.

In one fateful moment, two symbols of great power stood face to face. Only one could stand, and only one did. On that day, men of all ages began to grow moustaches with all the willpower they could muster.

Friday, September 17, 2010

a sacred spoken word

Like a newborn child
I am learning a new language,
and breaking in a fresh pallet.
I have spoken it before, though lost my voice;
lost it in my wanderings
and forgot it in my homecomings.
The tongues of messengers
speaking inaudible or unintelligible librettos,
resonate truer to the harmonious kingdom pitch.
These were familiar - now foreign -
to be discovered anew, in belief,
by a fresh faced novice thrust from the monastery.
Oh! In exalted, exclamative, reflection
I discipline the unruly horses of untamed thoughts.
To focus on the divine an hour,
would be to bring my lost belongings home.

"Oh, simplest of prayers be found on my lips continuously."

Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Welcome Home Run On

I've been gone for a long time. Feels pretty good to be honest. I'm trying out a new format for the old blog. Curious for comments. The background is the view from my bedroom window at night. It's remarkable really, even though I do not quite enjoy the cement jungle. The new place, around Church and Carlton, is fantastic for hosting students and changes like no other neighbourhood I have ever lived in, depending on the time of day. I said hello to two prostitutes on my walk home last night. Working one minute from my doorstep. Saw another farther down Church St. It's a broken neighbourhood, and it does better hiding it during the day.

First it was Hamilton. Then camp. Then Toronto. Then the one country in the world I never wanted to visit. Now downtown Toronto.

There are so many places that the Spirit has invited me to go to, and never in my old life's wildest dreams did I want or think to go there. There was no desire. But I did, and I found life. My heart changed and I saw resurrection.

So now, in this moment, this is my calling's destination. This is my new home.