Thursday, June 19, 2008

This is some good news!

(after the title jingle, the camera zooms in to a medium close up shot of the newscaster)

Good evening, I'm Peter Mansbridge and these are your tops stories in Dave's life for July 19, 2008.

- After a prolonged tenure at McMaster University as an undergraduate student, Dave Stone has finally completed his one remaining course - and as such is finished his Combined Honours Degree in English & Religious Studies. His final foray in academia saw him enjoying a Film Analysis course he had wanted to take for years, and receiving a 95% for his final paper - a paper that was written on the morning it was due in what was the deemed the norm for this compulsive procrastinator. Somewhere in the lonely halls of power Peter George is lamenting the loss of another student who he could financially take advantage of.

- Elsewhere in the news, the false start for Dave's first novel seems to have been received well by those who have read it, which has reportedly been an encouragement to the budding author. He has also been encouraged by how quickly his new writing has risen to the same length as his previous attempt. With school no longer figuring into his schedule, Dave says he is interested and excited to see how his creativity flourishes and fills the void left by classes and homework.

- Now to the financial world with a Fundraising Update.

(pause for a on screen graphic of dollar, euro, and pound symbols, accompanied by the Hockey Night in Canada Theme song that seems to have found its way into the broadcast after being clumsily let go by CBC Sports)

- Dave's initial fundraising work has gone slower than he would have hoped for this time, however, he has been blessed by the progress of those around him, and encouraged by the growing list of people who have shown their interest in supporting his work at McMaster. For more indepth ways of financially supporting Dave's work, you can visit and visit the support tab.

- Now for the weather forecast. As the rainy season seems to be coming to an end with quite the bang, this weekend sees the beginning of wedding season! Somewhere there are people getting ready to 'grab that net and catch that butterfly!' There also seems to be a low pressure system of wedding crashing approaching from the west. Bring your dancing shoes!

- In entertainment news, Coldplay's "Viva La Vida or Death and All His Friends" seems to have renewed Dave's interest in the UK quartet, after a poor showing on their previous record "X&Y".

- Finally in sports, Dave is still excited that the Detroit Red Wings won the Stanley Cup a couple of weeks ago, and is looking forward to seeing who they pick up in the offseason.

That's all from us on this, the 19th of June. For Dave Stone and the National, I'm Peter Mansbridge. Join us next time as we highlight the day's top stories in Dave's life. Thanks for staying this long and making it until the end.


Aaron said...

I genuinely enjoyed this news update by our beloved Mr. Mansbridge. Keep it up.
I am happy to see you have a blog going! I've begun my own just recently:
Check it!
See you this weekend perhaps?

Luke said...

peter mansbridge, a true canadian hero... rather LEGEND of our time

Annie said...

Another blogger! I stalked out your blog on Facebook as I was intrigued by your upcoming 'controversial' post. Still waiting...