Monday, September 1, 2008

The First September

This is the first September that I haven't been enrolled in school. True, I did have my first term of school off in OAC but I went back in February. This is the first time in memory that I haven't had school to look forward to (or dread).

While many know that I am working with InterVarsity Christian Fellowship at Mac, some don't know that I'm taking this term off from work - before I start really - to develop a funding base so I can actually sustain myself come January. I think it will be a nice break to be away from campus for a term, and I know that God has a lot that he can teach me over these next four months, and beyond. I am excited to see what God does, and excited to be setting a foundation for myself that will allow me to return to campus in a healthy capacity.

If you feel so inclined, I would love your prayers and support throughout these next few months. I need to find a part time job that will help pay rent and bills, but also free me up to do fund development. Also, I need to build an actual funding base so I can start work in January. Any help or prayers in these areas would be a blessing.


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Tom said...

Dave Stone!!! didn't know you had a blog! well, now i have subscribed to it and will be reading your innermost thoughts on life and love and everything else...