Thursday, January 8, 2009

Month of the Mo?

The most important opinion-poll of 2009:

Yea or nay for the moustache?

Please comment (respectfully) below.


Susan said...

NAYYYY!!! A "year of the stache"??? All I can tolerate is about 30 seconds of the stache... please go shave it off right now.

Paul Cox said...


Anonymous said...

dave...i'm going for a respectful 'nay'. i'm sorry.

Jenny said...

YEA! i feel good about it.

but i also feel that you are keeping it all month no matter what the outcome of this 'poll' is.

just saying.

Anonymous said...

i vote yea.
i think you can actually pull it of well.

Kevin James Field said...

I will accept no answer for your perilous case except such a one as determined by:

1) The drunken, early-morning, or late-night whims of Dave Stone;

2) A poll with enough results that we can be statistically confident that all of North America would decide this with a four-sevenths majority;

3) Use of the original Urim and Thuramin; or failing that,

4) A direct lightning strike, or lack thereof, that would legally be labelled 'an act of God'.

Aaron said...

I say keep it for two months, and no trimming!

Rob Nelson said...


Anonymous said...

I'm going to go with nah, I think you're too young to have such a dirty MO, unless you grow a full beard too.

Alan said...

A most emphatic "YES"

It looks good, distinguished, and a hint of awesome mixed in. Keep it, and keep it for all eternity.

Andrew said...