Sunday, November 1, 2009

The Strictest of Joys

I'm closing out the final hours of the weekend listening to the new Swell Season EP "Strict Joy" in preparation for the concert Tuesday night. It's aptly titled to say the least. It's a really enjoyable listen, and probably the best break up album I've heard. Too bad I'm not in the mood for a break up album. This guy wants a heart-laid-out-on-the-guitar-strings-and-piano-keys album full of simple joys like enjoying love, or at least the hard earned joys that come with working love out. Man this is one of the best albums I don't want to listen to right now.

And this is not what I really want to be posting about at this juncture. I had a great weekend at a camp reunion - with the best costume I've ever created - and am still thinking about everything I learned/heard/experienced there. Funny, I feel like one of the best ways to describe the weekend is "strict joy," but that delves into a greater story that will no doubt be explored on here and involves, of all things, international intrigue.


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Andrew said...

if you get a chance pick up the eye-weekly with the interview by hansard and iglova - they discuss how its not actually a breakup album despite how it may sound - it may help you like it all the more

btw, they had a secret show at some tavern with a capacity of about 75 people last week, the only advertising was the chalk-written sandwich-board placed in front of it about 2 hours before they hit the stage...would have been so sweet - way better than massey hall