Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Here's a Thought...

No Fringe. No Flashforward. No Office. No 30 Rock. No Sportscentre. No new sitcoms. No new dramas. No daytime news. No late night talk shows. No time wasted. No television.

On May 24th, this might be my new reality.

I have enjoyed the six year run of LOST immensely; some might even say a bit too much. For me, the show has permanently raised the standard for what I'm willing to invest my time in watching. As such, it is now rare that a show is able to garner my attention, let alone deserve my attention. I fear, but secretly delight in knowing, that once LOST is off the airwaves, I will no longer have any reason to spend time watching television. So perhaps once the show wraps up on May 23rd, it might be the last time I watch television (save for a good hockey game with my dad, or something of that sort). The thought of this is rather exhilarating.

We'll see how this idea gets executed, but I can already see more time
freed up to do more enjoyable things, like read a great novel; paint a picture; write a letter on my typewriter; make a cassette mix tape; listen to an LP on vinyl, sans interruption; write a book on my typewriter; take a walk; phone a friend; make travel plans; go to the theatre; enjoy coffee with a friend; volunteer somewhere; explore the kingdom; write a song on the piano; dream of endless possibilities...

I think I might just do this.

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