Wednesday, March 17, 2010

wendell says 'practice resurrection'

The burnout
The grey
The cement
The isolation
The wires and plugs
The pixels and time
The artificial lights...

Being unfruitful in the global-interconnected-city.

I read some Wendell Berry, and I found an antidote.

Sometimes I want to move to the country, work the ground, grow a crop, and eat it/share it. I want my hands to feel the dirt, and sense growth and fruitfulness. I'm not sure if the fields would receive me well. Regardless, I want to be the steward who faithfully embraces the gift of God that is work.

So, I endeavour to labour fruitfully in the city, for the city is where I'm called to call home.

(click on Wendell for his poem)

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Jordan said...

Ahh, yes, Wendell Berry. The man of my inspiration.