Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Best Track: Tornado

I'm really not sure I'm sold on the visual aesthetic of this release, but this may be from my phobia of make up on anyone's face, let alone jónsi's. However, luckily enough for me, enjoying the sonic appeal of an LP does not require the visual faculty.

I hesitantly started listening to jónsi's "Go" last week; I wasn't sure I was willing to accept the another solo-offshoot of sigur rós, though riceboy sleeps' 'happiness' was pretty transcendent. I had heard 'boy lilikoi' and wasn't sold. I heard 'go do' and wasn't sold. Then I gave the full album stream a chance, and now I'm sold.

The only downside to the album is this: english. I am still convinced that the weakest sigur rós track of the past decade is 'all alright'. It's not that jónsi is terrible at english. It's that the made up hopelandic went further in creating a mood and atmosphere that could steal me away to one of my frequent daydreams. Now that I know what he's saying, it throws an extra obstacle in there.

I read a blog recently about music, memory, and response. The author mentioned the ability of music to soundtrack the different stories, moments, and events in our lives. And yet again, something jónsi-related has taken that place (what sigur rós album isn't soundtrack-of-our-lives-worthy, honestly?). For someone who is trying hard not to buy new music, but rather replace his digital music library with a vinyl one, it will be hard to not pick this album up, and soon.

This is some of the most beautiful music out there folks.

Go. Do.

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