Wednesday, October 8, 2008

Fear and Awe

The new Oasis album came out this week. Hearing it has reminded me of my high school days when I first started listening to them, and all the ludicrous reasons why I thought they were awesome then. I still think they are awesome for all the same reasons - but here's where they've stepped it up a notch these days.

A couple of songs talk about the rapture on the new album, and interestingly enough these Man-City-loving-lads have a better understanding of the concept than, say, our culture's founts of rapture theology - LaHaye, Jenkins, Hagee, and the sort.

It scares me somewhat to know that the brothers Gallagher have a deeper insight on eschatology than many bible believers.

I also think it's awesome.


Dave Carrol said...

I've only ever been so so on Oasis. But i have to say all the allusions to them with Charlie on Lost has added to their appeal.

thedavestonelimited said...

yea, when i saw that first flashback episode years ago i was loving it. i wonder what the gallaghers thought about the portrayal.