Tuesday, December 9, 2008

Three Pieces of Great News!

Great Piece of News #1:
The following is the latest copy of my newsletter. Feel free to peruse and enjoy!

Great Piece of News #2:
The following is a picture of myself - and the paperwork that was submitted today that makes me an official employee of IVCF!

Great Piece of News #3:
Though there is no picture accompanying this piece of news, rest assured that I will be posting some more of my writing in the near future. I'm working on a story about Irfan Khan. If you don't know who he is, well, you should go watch The Darjeeling Limited or Slumdog Millionaire - both of which I can safely recommend as brilliant films!


Rob Nelson said...

I like the charlie brown shout out.

C.D. Clements said...

I thought it was alright.

chris wignall said...

this is what I look like when I'm very happy for you

Crud, you can't actually see me right now

Aaron said...

Hey, I have that Sufjan christmas sticker too!
And I've been listening to the albums all evening.
Merry Christmas, Dave, and may you receive providential blessings in the new year!

thedavestonelimited said...

merci beaucoup mes amis.

Allison said...

great news to read about. must feel good to not have to have the word "candidate" in your title anymore. hope life is good in the hammer