Tuesday, April 21, 2009

I never forget to blog... most of the time.

If you ever get the chance to talk to my friend Chris, your conversation will very likely involve one of the following:
a) discussion on the desert fathers
b) discussion of Trey Anastasio or Bob Dylan
c) news reports from his side of the kingdom

I always enjoy a good chat with Chris, and this past summer I remember one particular conversation in which he shared with me the awesomeness that was Bob Dylan's "Most Of The Time". I listened to what Chris had to say, thought, "Ok Chris, I believe you that the song is probably very good", and unfortunately never checked it out myself.

That all changed yesterday. While listening to CBC Radio 2 in the car, Most Of The Time came on, and soundtracked my slow drive down King St. W. It was awesome. I shared my experience with Chris, and his emailed response was like so:

..."Most of the Time" is an amazing song. I love how he makes all those absolute statements, and then admits at the end of each string, that they are only true most of the time....
This is some fan made video on youtube. The video is lame, so I suggest pressing play, and then minimizing the window so you can just listen.

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Andrew said...

i too miss my conversations with chris...oh the delightful banter