Sunday, April 12, 2009

This thing is a tapestry; a work of art.

I've been trying unsuccessfully to put some thoughts into words right now, and it's not going well. I can't find the right way to word it, so I'll just try to organize my verbal vomit here:

-I went to the church of my childhood this morning. It was a strangely foreign and familiar place to me.
-I'm so used to 15 minute homilies that the 7 point sermon using 6 different translations was a little hard to swallow.
-I really love that the body of Christ NEEDS crazy charismatics, timid liturgy lovers, devout monks and nuns, and people who struggle to actually believe in Christ in order to actually exist.
-I get a little frustrated when people quit church because of all its problems. There are lots and lots of problems, and lots and lots of idiots, but shouldn't we embrace the Emilio-Estevez-in-mighty-ducks-mantra, "quitters never win, winners never quit"? Also, it's good to remember that we're often the problem and we're also often the idiots.

-I think the body of Christ is like a giant tapestry or mural with all it's contributing parts. With out all the elements in use it fails as a piece of art. Think Sistine Chapel, but with half of it whitewashed.
-Too many people view church as a commodity that can be consumed. "I try to go somewhere where I can be fed." Grow up, grow a pair, and get involved. It is sad how much I feel like I resemble a grade 9 guidance counsellor here (No offence Mr. O'Connor - you were wise beyond your years).
-This body of Christ we get to be a part of is mighty interesting. Thinking of death and resurrection this weekend makes me wonder what the resurrected body will look like. Fascinating.
-Finally, we're so bogged down by bad news these days that we don't know how to receive good news. Sure resurrection sounds far fetched, but it's good news. Is it not the least bit weird that we'd rather not believe in some good news like the resurrection than accept it as the gift that it is?


Dave Carrol said...

"Grow up, grow a pair, and get involved"


Merrirose Stone said...

I am not sure what's funnier: the 1989 gospel according to Emilio Estevez, or telling the body of Christ to "grow a pair"!? Awesome Dave! I couldn't agree with you more!

Anonymous said...

Grow a pair of what? Ovaries... because I'm pretty sure I don't need a pair of testicles to get involved :)

Anonymous said...

hm... How to live out that kind of vision for the Body... I'm not sure I know how!

May I/we be able to follow Christ into the kind of life that comes out of that sort of understanding of the Body, if that makes sense...

Andrew said...

i agree whole heartily on both bombay is the bomb and the church really could use an extra set of metaphorical balls