Wednesday, May 26, 2010

David's List

Alright, so now that LOST is over, any time spent not analyzing, re-analyzing, and reminiscing the goodness of that show will be spent doing my new, rediscovered hobby: reading. That's right. LOST is over, and therefore it is time to leave the television behind and to start reading. So here it is folks: my list of books to read. There are some gems in there - specifically the one by L. Neil Smith (if you can find it).

Estimated time of completion: Don't even want to think about it.

I wish I could find a way to make these images larger if you click on them. However, I'm not computer savvy, so best of luck in trying to figure it out in the meantime.


Andrew said...

for the love of all things good in this world do not read plato's republic! having read it 3 times its a complete waste of time - basically Socrates just goes on this crazy tangent and never returns to his original point - if you want something better by Plato i suggest The Phaedo...or if you want i can make some other suggestions of something you might like - let me know and ill bring some books by


B-rad said...

Wow Davey, and I thought I had a big list of books I wanted to read. I wish you much success though in finding time to get away from things and read. You've inspired me to find a good, quiet coffee shop here in Calgary that I can use as my reading get away.