Friday, February 27, 2009


I just completed the first draft of a story I've been working on for the last month or so. 8695 is the final word count. This is by far the longest short story I've written, and if I can only get around to writing 10 more stories of similar length, then perhaps one day I will have myself a novella.

It feels really good to finish this story. It's been beyond cathartic. I felt like I needed to celebrate by posting here.

Most of the time when I write I will often give a shout out to F. Scott for his inspiration, but not this time around. This time I thank Flannery O'Connor. Her writing has been a breath of fresh air. And to Elliott Smith. He's the namesake of the main character - a character I first visited in high school and who desperately needs rescue each time we meet.

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Merrirose said...

Good ol' Elliott Smith! I remember him...what the heck has he been up to!? So, when do we get to read all of your 8695 words Dave? I could use some literary inspiration from you!