Sunday, March 29, 2009

A Brief Interlude of Art in the Midst of Heavy Posts

The last couple of posts have been heavies. No lie. So here's a slight change of pace with some recommendations from the realm of film, music, and literature.

1. French Cinema
The two of the best films I've watched so far this year have been from our friends in France. The Diving Bell And The Butterfly is utterly beautiful, and I challenge anyone to not be inspired to create after watching it. Tell No One has everything a good thriller could ask for: Intriguing plot with seemingly endless twists, excellent cinematography, incredible acting, and the feeling that it would be even better with a second viewing.

2. Canada, Iceland, and Compilations
I just purchased the new Constantines album this week, and I'm kicking myself for not getting it earlier. Our Age seems to be the best cut on the disc, and if you buy it on iTunes now, you can get an additional EP with alternate versions of some of their old and new songs (it's 5.99 right now!). As well, Sigur Ros got roped into a Take Away Show, and the results are awesome.

Finally, my roommate bought the Dark Was The Night double disc compilation, and it's been playing non-stop at our place ever since. Please, please, please give it a listen! Very, very good!

3. Books to Read
I haven't been reading many books lately. I've just been working on my own stories as of late. I guess I'll recommend that you read my stories one day when they get published.

Alright, I'm gone for a week of new staff training. Take these recommendations and run with them.


Jenny said...

take away shows are my favourite.
though this one is awesome...i still think lakes of canada is number one in my books.

Andrew said...

some amazing albums ive stumbled across are the following

Artists Choice: Elvis Costello (features covers of many amazing Costello songs by Louis Armstrong, Muddy Waters, Fleetwood, Diana Krall, Paul Simon just to name a few - its friggen awesome)

The Submarines - HoneySuckle Weeks - Ill admit i bought it because of the apple commercial

K'naan - Trouador - Friggen awesome, best Hip-Hop album since K'naan released his first album.

check them out, they are all highly awesome!

as for movies, best thing i have seen in a long time (probably since Once) is Rachel Getting Married - amazing characters and just a solid film