Monday, March 2, 2009

The Vision

I just came from a pretty remarkable weekend discussing vision. Why was it remarkable? Because I was able to confront my own misgivings around vision, and was invited into participating in a new vision that is extremely challenging yet exciting to embrace.

Our good friend Isaiah here had vision (see chapter 61) - one that was fulfilled hundreds of years later in someone's reading of it. And if it was fulfilled thousands of years ago, what's stopping us from getting on board with it? Maybe we think it's not really going to happen, or it's a pipe dream, or we're more comfortable limiting the scope of it. It's a pretty stellar vision - a film if you may - that is offered to us in 3-D, but so often I think we're content to watch it in 2-D... in black and white... with no sound... like it's a silent film... a silent film that is so silent that we don't let anyone else hear it, let alone see it.

I'm excited because of the future direction that Inter-Varsity is going in Canada. I can safely admit that I have settled for a maintaining mentality, or limited growth mentality, or even worse, a being-faithful-in-inevitable-decline-mentality, for a long long time. Not anymore though.

I'm excited for an insane challenge for growth that seems impossible. If I'm giving my life to this thing, I think I better be giving myself to something that is crazy, risky, and unattainable to the common eye. If not, and I'm just doing this to feel good about myself or "stay-the-course" in the best way possible, then it's a waste of all of our time. This is going to be tough, but there is joy going into it.

Danny Ocean had a vision for busting 3 casinos on fight night. That's piddly in comparison to what I'm going for. Yes, I just made a cheesy reference to Ocean's Eleven. But it's legit. So is what I'm going for.

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