Wednesday, March 11, 2009

The Scarlet Oak

I've been listening to a bunch of albums recently that would definitely be unpopular to the top 40 radio the kids seem to be listening to these days, but I'm loving it anyways. One is Bruce Springsteen's We Shall Overcome: The Seeger Sessions, and Buena Vista Social Club's self titled album is the other. The first has made me appreciate the value of a well told story over banjos, violins, washboards, and a whole plethora of other instruments, and the latter one has reintroduced me to the power of myth and meaning. I was reading the lyric translations for the some of their songs, and one in particular stood out to me about a love story between and girl and a tree.

So now, as strange is it may be, I find myself moving on from writing about car accidents to a love story between a scarlet oak tree and a young girl. Perhaps I'll throw the first couple of paragraphs up here in a bit.


Luke said...

i am very intrigued by this car accident story. also the tree story, unless it's sappy.

sorry, couldn't resist.

anyways, when are you posting these stories?

thedavestonelimited said...

i don't think i'm going to post the car accident story on here, but if you want to read a rough copy of it sometime you're free to check it out when you're in the hammer.

also, i'll let that pun slide, because i enjoyed it.